November 2010

A gorgeous teen by the name of Morgan is experiencing quite a sexual arousal with a well-hung stud. She is a sweet and tender barely 18 years old babe that is thoroughly tired of being called a child, she is now officially legally and mentally ready to explore her inner sexual desires. Without a spot of pretense she feels compelled to mine her deepest secrets, the ones that have been kept buried beneath her bed sheets and tightly stashed between her soft inner thighs. Every night for a few years she has dreamed of the day she would turn eighteen and be able to claim her sexual freedom. That day has finally arrived, and all the available guys she knows better be prepared.

Once her 18th birthday passed and she was officially able to seek her passions with others, she immediately sought out her good friend with the sizable bulge in his trousers. They had been friends ever since hair started to show up on her young pussy. If he only knew then that he would be the first lucky boy to part her now legal labia, he just might have given it a shot earlier. Now Morgan has shown up unexpectedly at his front door, dressed in a revealing dress, biting her lower lip and seeming anxious. She asks if his parents are home and after gulping deeply and feeling a tingle in his crotch he blurts out “No, they are not here.” She pushed him back with her hand on his chest and he could not believe what was happening.


Her desire to allow that first penetration induced orgasm burst from within her loins propelled her forward. She was barely able to make it into his bedroom before she was ripping his clothes off and shedding her slinky dress. Their lips were locked in a goose bump causing kiss and both of their hands were scouring one anothers bodies for purchase. She found his cement hard cock and squeezed it with all of her might, while he was rubbing his fingers between her labia and realizing how badly he wanted that shaved pussy popped by himself. She was so overcome with lust and the need to feel him inside of her virgin vagina, that she laid back and let him push his stiffness slowly into her wet pussy.

If you were walking by the house you would have undoubtedly heard her moans and screams bouncing off the walls and onto the street below. If you were lucky enough to be standing in the bedroom where Morgan had her first sexual experience you would be witnessing a heart thumping time for the memories. Her demand for dick came to fruition and she will always remember the first person who laid pipe deep inside of her sweet 18 year old pussy.